Monday, June 7, 2010

Things I always look for when shopping vintage style

Regardless of where you end up, be it an op shop, a swap meet or a vintage shop there are always going to be certain things that will catch your eye. For me its accessories, and a few specific clothing items. I thought I would share them with you and maybe it will help you find some treasures your really happy with! 1) Blazers, because you can wear them oversized or even a little small so you can look in the womens, the mens and the kids section. 2) Pencil skirts, great for work and the older styles are a really flattering cut. 3) Leather boots, I know alot of people are pretty wierded out by shoes that have been wore by someone else, for me the quality makes it worth it. 4) Leather handbags, again the quality can be amazing. 5) Silk scarves, so many beautiful colours and patterns and they are so versatile. 6) Jewellery, great for one of kind statement pieces, because they are usually a little quirky. So I hope that helps you when you find yourself drifting through an op shop :) I created this look in Polyvore.

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