Saturday, June 23, 2012

Winter Solstice

It has just been the week of the shortest day of the year which means we are now heading towards Summer (how's that for a positive spin on Winter!) More treasure to share with you today. Still quite a colourful vibe going on - enjoy!

Orange Ceramic Cannister - $5.00, Vintage Spanish Bus Conductor's Bag -$5.00 Both from Camberwell Market.

Tan Leather Bag - $8.00, Two Tone Leather Bag - $10.00 both from Camberwell Market. Three skinny Leather Belts $2.00 each and Brown Boots with Studding -$20.00, Brother Hood of St Laurence (130 Barkly St Brunswick) Green Wool Jumper -$2.95, Cream Chunky Knit Scarf -$5.95, Acid Lemon French Tea Cup -$2.00, all from my trusty local Salvo's (81 Victoria Crescent Abbotsford)

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