Friday, June 27, 2014

Light Up My Life!

 Lighting has to be one of the main design dilemmas that people face! Its a constant battle of form versus function. Aside from the quality of light you also have to think about the style of lighting - what you love may not be appropriate for your space.

For example the long pendant lights that are oh so popular these days somehow don't quite have the same charm when you walk into them on the way to kitchen because your ceilings aren't 3 meters high! So what's the solution? Why not go for a light that offer flexibility and functionality!

In the first picture below is an incredible piece from designers Karen Hare and Jason Hare, a simplistic free form lamp allowing you to position your light as you like. Or why not try your hand at your own DIY concrete light like the one from Brit + Co shown in the middle picture. Lastly there are fabulous rope lights like the ones in the last picture from super talented stylist/photographer/creative Paulina Arcklin!

Image From Remodelista

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