Sunday, September 14, 2014

Styling With Shibori

Shibori refers to a traditional Japanese dyeing technique. Famous for it's rich indigo tones and intricate patterns, Shibori involves various folding/ binding techniques which yield beautiful results!  I love the intensity of the colour and boldness of the designs. They have a wonderful boho, soft tribal feel which I can't wait to incorporate into my decor. I have some amazing Shibori style wrapping paper from Tine - K which is framed and ready to hang on the walls, they will make eye catching artworks and the deep blue hues are a gentle reminder of the beach which is just a stones throw from our home!

Image 1      Kinfolk Magazine
Images 2 + 3  Anthropologie Blog
Image 4          Honestly WTF 
Images  5 + 6 Noon Design Studio

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