Monday, April 28, 2014

Zucchini + Lemons

Thank you Milan for introducing me to Zucchini Carpaccio! An unbeatable combination of only 6 ingredients; zucchini; olive oil; salt; pepper; lemon juice + zest; shaved parmesan. It is as simple as finely slicing your zucchini length ways (a vegetable peeler does the job perfectly) and dressing with a generous splash of olive oil, a good grind of pepper, a dash of salt and the juice + zest of a small lemon along with your a handful of shaved parmesan flakes. Toss all ingredients together and serve! The beautiful picture below is from the lovely Love & Lemons blog which explains how to make a fancier zucchini carpaccio with balsamic and pine nuts! You can check out that recipe here. It was at the Moye Bistrot Corso Garibaldi 34, 20126 Milan that I was introduced to this wonderfully rustic and flavoursome dish.

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