Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wrap Me Up

Who wouldn't want to be wrapped up in one of these beautiful chunky knit blankets on a cold wintery night? Ok so it may not be that cold or wintery yet but it will get there and when it does I can think of nothing better than cosying up with one of these gorgeous wooly wonders!
Milo & Mitzy’s stunning throws pictured below are hard to beat. Graphite Hand Knit are also experts in all things warm and comfy(they are working on a brand new range of knitted blankets as we speak)! The charcoal beauties pictured below are theres. When it comes to colours think rich earth tones like the ones pictured below. 

Milo & Mitzy Blankets / Photographer Sarah Horn

Image from Graphite Hand Knit 

Trims from Little Dandelion / expertly styled and photographed by the uber talented all round creative Kara Rosenlund

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  1. Thank you Gemma. Looks great. Just having a read through your blog now. x